I’m officially a little freaked out!

I received a message from a man on POF this morning. That is nothing new or freak out worthy. That being said, I almost always view the profile of someone who messages me, regardless if I feel there is potential or not. I’m a curious creature, what can I say? So, I skim through the profile and then select the profile pictures. Imagine my surprise when this guy’s second photo is……. A PICTURE OF MY HOUSE!!!! It’s blurry and looks like it was taken from across the street, but it is definitely my house. What’s weirder still is that this picture was not taken recently as the leaves on the trees had yet to fall or turn colour.

My only explanation is that my new neighbor who just bought the house across the way (about 3 months ago) thought they would message me after recognizing me. Still, WTF???? I reported this user for being creepy or weird and specifically noted that this man had a photo of MY HOME as his second profile picture. Not really sure what this will achieve, but I didn’t know what else to do. Talking to someone who messages you while having a picture of your house as their profile picture can’t be a good idea, even if it is to ask why….. Yeah, a little freaked out…..